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2023 Identify Security Trends and Solutions from Microsoft

2023 Identify Security Trends and Solutions from Microsoft

Protecting personal information and data is critically important in today’s era of identity theft and ransomware. Cyber-criminals can do a lot of damage with your customer and employee data. Personal information can also be used to trick your emplo yees into sending confidential data or money to someone posing as an executive.

Learn about identity management trends in this @Microsoft article.

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Microsoft 365 Defender Overview

Integrated cybersecurity is critical to preventing ransomware and other potentially devastating attacks on your business.

Watch the video to learn how @Microsoft Security Defender 365’s integrated security protects across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. 👇

Use Teams for your business

Use Teams for your business

Rethinking how you help employees and customers stay connected, share files and work together? Discover how @Microsoft Teams transforms conversations, collaboration and data security. Watch now and reimagine the modern workplace.


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