Can the best tool be your worst nightmare?

Outlook 365. It is one of the strongest tool that the businesses use these days – yet, it can be your worst nightmare if you do not know how to use it.

Backed by popular demand, we have created a video just for you 😉

If I were to write the instructions up here – it might be helpful for the businesses to follow it through. Therefore, here it goes…

Use your navigation pane to select ‘View’. Then select the additional calendars you would like to add to your view from the left pane. Once the additional calendars are visible in the main area. Select the calendar you would like to overlay. Once it is bold, click on ‘Overlay’ and you will see both the calendars together.

An overlay of calendars merely views the calendar together. It DOES NOT merge your calendars. If you are trialing this on your phone, there is a slightly different process for it.

Overlay your calendars and view them all together.

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